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Storage Sheds For Sale



Although everyone knows what storage sheds are and what they are used for, some people do not realize that there are many different types to choose from than years past.  Today, you can purchase different brands, styles, models, sizes, materials in a variety of price ranges.  We wanted to provide information regarding options of storage sheds for sale that are being manufactured and sold within the United States.


Remember, storage sheds that you consider need to serve a specific need.  Therefore, as you begin researching various options, consider the items you plan to store, the climate for the geographic area where you live, and even the architectural style of your home.  By considering these three factors, the focus would stay on storage sheds that offer the right functionality but also sheds that would compliment your property.


The four primary “types” of storage sheds include the following: 




1.    Gable Roof – Of all shed designs, this is the most common.  Storage sheds of this type feature two pitches of equal size that meet at a center peak.  Because of the simplistic and versatile style, these sheds offer unlimited benefits. 


2.    Gambrel Roof – In this case, storage sheds have the appearance of a miniature barn with two pitches on either side of the roof.  The main benefit of these sheds is that there is more usable interior space.  However, the “barn” look does not coordinate with all home styles. 


3.    Lean-To Roof – These storage sheds are made with a single slope coming down from the roof toward the front.  Usually, a design such as this would be most beneficial for people with little yard space or those needing storage in a narrow area of the property.  Keep in mind that lean-to storage sheds sit flush with the home so this design might not work for all home styles.  In addition, if you live under rules of a home association, many organizations consider this type of shed a continuance of the home, which is prohibited. 


4.    Salt Box – The last design of storage sheds is a basic gable roof but one with two roof pitches of equal size.  This too is a simple design that works for many people although interior space is restricted. 


In addition to type, storage sheds are made from a variety of materials.  Newer materials include vinyl and plastic although wood and steel remain popular choices.  Wood storage sheds provide a classic aesthetic but because of the material, it is essential to purchase a shed made from quality wood that has been treated to withstand the environment.  Metal storage sheds are a cost efficient solution that remains popular but the downside is that metal can dent and if made from low quality metal, the shed could rust. 



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